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Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever

Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever

Natural Pain Relief for headaches and other symptoms
Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever
Directions on how to use the halo rejuvenator for headaches, neck pain and muscle spasms in the neckGreat for patients with neck pain, pinched nerve in the neck, muscle spasms, and poor posture
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The Halo Rejuvenator is a natural pain reliever. Perfect for someone with headaches, neck pain and stress. The HALO is designed to perform two functions-

  1. Stop pain that develops in the head, neck, back and shoulders, which is mostly caused by daily stress, poor posture or a combination of both.
  2. To Strengthen the inner core neck muscles, which, support the head and keep the joints in the neck properly aligned and improve your posture, so you will not have reoccurring problems.

How does the Halo Rejuvenator Pain Reliever work ?

The HALO Rejuvenator Pain Reliever works by simply increasing the blood supply to the affected areas, strengthening the neck muscles and naturally enhancing spinal alignment. When the body senses extra weight on the head, the spine reacts in a vertical way and lengthens by as much as inch. In doing so, the three curves of the spine straighten and your posture becomes more erect, which in turn relieves abnormal tension of the muscles. The tubular portion of the HALO consists of weighted material of a slight amount (1LB) and when worn properly, releases the tense muscles, connective tissues and ligaments in the neck and shoulders, which also increases blood flow to the head. As a result, pain in those areas is relieved.

Size: One size fits all

Recommended by my Physical Therapist
Have had pinched nerves in my neck for several months. Now that the pain is gone, I am trying to get some strength back in my neck muscles. I want to be able to where a helmet and go snowmobiling again, so my physical therapist recommend I wear it while doing my neck exercises. Also helps when I have a migraine. The only thing I dont like is the smell of the material, but I have gotten used to it." -
Glenda Y. January 2, 2014

Great product for strengthening the neck muscles and relieving tension and pressure
This is a great product for strengthening the neck muscles and relieving tension and pressure, it is easy and convenient to use.
- Salli, April 29, 2014

Halo cervical rejuvenator
This is very helpful for patients who have head and neck dysfunction due to chronically misplaced use of head especially in the use of computers or other apparatus with the head down or reading and writing. Using it with exercises can significantly alter cericothoracic pain.
-J.Klienkort, March 19, 2014

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Color: Black
Shipping Weight: 2.0 lbs
Made with: Top quality Neoprene and 1mm Steel Balls
Made in: USA
Features Benefits
Get Rid of Stress Induced Pain
Get Relief from tension headaches
Stimulates Blook Flow to the Brain
Increases flexibility and stimulates an increase range of motion in all movements
Works to improve your Posture
One Size Fits All
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Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

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