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April 2008 The Healthy Back and Neck eNewsletter

April 2008 Issue:
Arc4life April 2008 Newsletter

Arc4life April 2008 Newsletter

Arc4life- The Healthy Back and Neck eNewsletter

April 2008 � � � � � � Issue #13

-In this Issue-
  1. Article - How To Boost Memory In Just 6 Minutes?
    Does Lack Of Sleep Cause Diabetes? And Does The Earth Really Revolve Around The Sun?

  2. Inspirational quote-
  3. Health Tip of the month- 9 Habits To De-Cluttering Your Mind & Living A More Peaceful, Productive Life
  4. Testimonial of the month - Cervical Traction Posture Pump Neck Stretcher
  5. Featured product -Cervical Tractioning for your Neck- A system for neck pain relief

    April Sale: $15 off on Cervical Pillow+ Posture Pump + FREE BIOFREEZE 4 oz tube
    *** Use Discount Code Arc4Life15 Expires 04/30/2008

  1. How To Boost Memory In Just 6 Minutes? Does Lack Of Sleep Cause Diabetes? And Does The Earth Really Revolve Around The Sun?

    Questions... Questions... And, more Questions. We've all got them. But, who's got the answers?
    Obviously, no one has ALL the answers. But, in this newsletter, we will shed some light on a few things that are of major importance to you and your health.

    For example, in just a moment, we will tell you all about a possible "six minute memory boost" that you are going to love - for several reasons.

    But first, we have to talk about this !

    Type-2 diabetes is rampant in the United States. It is linked to many other conditions and costs an unimaginable amount of money every year in research, treatment and "sickness" costs.
    An absolute ton of research has been done on Diabetes, and the most common cause has been attributed to lifestyle factors such as:

    • Too much food
    • The wrong kinds of food(s)
    • Lack of exercise

    Many cases of Type-2 diabetes have been either controlled- or�- completely reversed through strict diet and exercise programs.

    But now there is something else that can change a diabetic's life- literally- OVERNIGHT!

    Actually, much less than overnight. Here is why: According to a study published in the December issue of the journal SLEEP, subjects who reported sleeping 5 or fewer hours each night were significantly more likely to have diabetes over the follow-up period compared to subjects who reported sleeping 7 hours.

    These findings held true even after the researchers adjusted for variables such as physical activity, depression, alcohol consumption, ethnicity, education, marital status, age, obesity and history of hypertension.

    7-8 Is The Magic Number

    "They" always say you need 8 hours of sleep to stay healthy and perform your best. Well, in this case, it looks like "they" might be correct!

    According to sleep experts, most adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night to feel alert and well rested.

    Adolescents and teenagers need about 9 hours each night, younger kids require 10-11 hours a night, and children in pre-school, 11-13 hours.

    The American Academy of Sleep Medicine offers the following tips on how to get a good night's sleep:

    1. Follow a consistent bedtime routine.
    2. Establish a relaxing setting at bedtime.
    3. Get a full night��s sleep every night.
    4. Avoid foods or drinks that contain caffeine, as well as any medicine that has a stimulant, prior to bedtime.
    5. Do not go to bed hungry, but don��t eat a big meal before bedtime either.
    6. Avoid any rigorous exercise within six hours of your bedtime.
    7. Make your bedroom quiet, dark and a little bit cool.
    8. Get up at the same time every morning.

    That's all great information- but not that exciting...right? Well, now it's time for:

    The 6-Minute Memory Boost!

    Here's what it's all about: German scientists say they have found a "relaxing" way that improves performance on memory tests.

    What is it? A 6-MINUTE NAP!

    That's right. Just 6 minutes of "shut-eye" for volunteers was followed by significantly better recall of words, New Scientist magazine reports.

    "Ultra-short" sleep could launch memory processing in the brain, they suggested.

    One UK researcher disagreed, saying that longer sleep was needed to have an impact on memory.

    Dozens of studies have probed the relationship between sleep and memory with clear evidence the body's natural sleep-wake cycle plays an important role.

    The team from the University of Dusseldorf wanted to see just how short a sleep could have any discernable impact.

    They used a group of students who were asked to remember a set of words, then given an hour's break before testing.

    During that hour, some of the students were only allowed to sleep for approximately 6 minutes, while the rest were kept asleep.

    Remarkably, on waking, the napping students performed better in the memory test.
    Some theories suggest the processing of memories takes place in deep sleep, a phase which does not normally start until at least 20 minutes after falling asleep.

    However, the team, led by Dr. Olaf Lahl, said it was possible that the moment of falling asleep triggered a process in the brain that continued regardless of how long the person actually stayed awake.

    "To our knowledge, this demonstrates for the first time that an ultra-brief sleep episode provides an effective memory enhancement," he wrote.

    Professor Jim Horne, from the Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University, said that while the study was "interesting", he was yet to be convinced that the effect was purely one of memory enhancement. "The idea that memory could be enhanced in just 6 minutes is quite a unique finding and one has to be rather cautious about it. "There is quite a bit of evidence that memory processing probably takes place more than 6 minutes into sleep."

    Hmmm. It would be nice to only need a 6-minute nap to boost memory. But- most of us are hoping it takes a little longer. BeCause, there is nothing like a good hour nap- you know what I mean ?

    Now for something completely different but even more entertaining-

    Here's a little quiz: Does the Earth revolve around the Sun- or- does the Sun revolve around the Earth?

    Tick- tick- tick- come on- you've got a 50-50 chance!
    The answer: The Earth revolves around the Sun. Sadly, according to the National Science Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans think the Sun revolves around the Earth.

    And, not only that -- Reading has declined not only among the poorly educated, according to a report last year by the National Endowment for the Arts.

    In 1982, 82 percent of college graduates read novels or poems for pleasure; two decades later, only 67 percent did. More than 40 percent of Americans under 44 do not read a single book -- fiction or nonfiction -- over the course of a year. The proportion of 17-year-olds who read nothing (unless required to do so for school) more than doubled between 1984 and 2004. This time period, of course, encompasses the rise of personal computers, Web surfing and video games.

    And here's something shocking about video watching and children: Despite an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at encouraging babies as young as 6 months to watch videos, there is no evidence that focusing on a screen is anything but bad for infants and toddlers. In a study released last August, University of Washington researchers found that babies between 8 and 16 months recognized an average of 6 to 8 fewer words for every hour spent watching videos.

    This has led many to believe older methods of teaching and spending one-on-one time with children to be far superior to "video baby sitters." Something to think about !

  2. Inspirational Quote

    "Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation, for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company" -

    - Abraham Lincoln

  3. Inspirational Story Of The Month

    (Names And Details Have Been Changed To Protect Privacy.)

    "Even The Best Need A Really Good Reason To Be The Best"

    His father worked in the local steel mill and even though he lived across town, he was pretty much absent in his life. Despite his absence, his father passed along a set of genes that included a huge frame - and his most frustrating trait - a bad stutter.

    As a frustrated youngster, it was not uncommon for him to hand out brutal beatings to fellow classmates who picked on him for his speech problem. He even clubbed one of his cousins - a female cousin - with a baseball bat.

    In his own words, he was "the John Gotti of [his] neighborhood."

    His mother, a housekeeper at the local Ramada Inn, tried everything she knew to tame her angry son, even whipping him with switches and extension cords.

    Nothing worked.

    Then one day, he and his friends threw rocks at a local farmer's pigs, killing several with his incredibly accurate and powerful arm. It wasn't the first time this happened- and the farmer had set a trap. He paid the local barber to be on the lookout - and they caught the boy red-handed.

    His mother told the man who caught him that she was ready to send her son to reform school. And, when the barber asked the teenage bad-boy for the names of his friends who were throwing rocks with him- something happened. He suddenly saw where his life was headed, and he spilled his guts. That was when " the best athlete of his day" and possibly ANY day " Bo Jackson " completely turned his life around and took off like a shooting star.

    Bo worked the entire summer (mowing lawns) to pay back the farmers and then, instead of beating people up and causing trouble - he started playing organized sports. He started playing baseball, track and wrestling. His wrestling coach described him as "slippery as a wet catfish."

    But, his mom wouldn't let him play football. Bo joined the team anyway. When she found out he disobeyed her - she locked him out of the house and Bo spent the night in a car.

    Bo's high school baseball coach said, while at a party he hosted for the team one afternoon, Bo was in the water up to his waist and all of a sudden, he jumped up and did a back flip - easily landing on his feet. His coach turned to his girlfriend and asked her if she saw it too because he didn't think it could be real. That's when Bo started becoming a legend. He ran over opposing teammates like they were little children. He hit towering home runs one after the next, after the next.

    People (including his teammates) told him he was crazy when he said he was going to play two professional sports. He proved them wrong by leading off the 1989 Major League Baseball All-Star Game with a home run, and then making the Pro Bowl after the 1990 NFL season.

    Then It All Suddenly Ended

    On January 13, 1991, Bo was tackled in a Football game and his hip was violently yanked out of its socket. Even after surgery, the circulation to Bo��s hip joint could not be repaired. Bo had to get a hip replacement- and his career was suddenly over. To this day, everyone who was privileged enough to see him play, has one big question-

    WHAT IF?

    What if he had not had that one freak injury? what would he have become? What miracles would he have produced both on the football field and baseball diamond? Everyone asks those questions- except for Bo.

    Bo says he never thought about going to the Hall of Fame. Instead, he focused on being a businessman, a husband and a father. He says those days opened up opportunities for him that most other people never get. While most athletes squander them - Bo took full advantage. He is a sharp businessman, gives back to the community, and has a wonderful family. He lives quietly in the suburbs of Chicago. Bo never wanted the spotlight in the first place. In the end, the frustrated, fatherless child with a bad stutter focused all his energy on the right things. Some are quick to say that it was easy for him to make it because of all the natural talent he was born with but Bo has become even more of a success since his physical gifts were prematurely stolen from him.

    We all need a good reason for what we do. Without it, it is easy to lose passion and not accomplish anything

  4. Health Tip of the Month

    9 Habits To De-Cluttering Your
    9 Habits To De-Cluttering Your Mind & Living A More Peaceful, Productive Life -

    1. Control Your Mind. This may sound difficult, but it's easier than you think. No pun intended! One of the pioneers of the self-help revolution, Napoleon Hill, said in his best selling book, Think and Grow Rich, thoughts are things and we become our dominant thought. Nothing could be more true. Problem is, most people concentrate on the negative all of the time... So that's what becomes their reality. Before you go to bed each night, take a few minutes to write down what you are going to (not want to) accomplish the next day. And then take a moment to actually feel what it will be like once you have accomplished those things. Soak in that feeling.
    2. Practice THIS: Once a day find a quiet spot where you can relax for a few minutes. Then try to NOT THINK. Now this is HARDER than it sounds. Our minds are constantly buzzing. The key here is this: You will have one thought followed by the next thought and so on. Try to extend the time in between thoughts. In other words, try to enter into that "gap" in between your thoughts and make that "gap" last as long as you can. Some call this meditation. Others call it calming your mind. Whatever you call it - it takes practice and can have positive effects on your life.
    3. Identify what's important. Things either lead towards your goals or away from them. Most of us spend most of our time doing things that don't lead us to our goals. Make a list of the things that are really important to you and then make a conscious effort to ONLY DO THOSE THINGS. Stop wasting your time on the things that lead you away from where you want to go.
    4. Eliminate. Now that you've identified what is important, you can identify what's not essential. What things in your life are not truly necessary or important to you? What are you thinking about right now that's not on your short list? By eliminating as many of these things as possible, you can get a bunch of junk off your mind.
    5. Evaluate how much sleep you are getting. Once again, most of us do not get enough sleep and when we do sleep, the patterns are all messed up. For example, do you sleep later on weekends than the rest of the work week? Make getting the proper amount and quality of sleep a HUGE priority in your life.
    6. Take a walk.Getting outside and doing some kind of physical activity is a great way to get stuff off your mind. Spending some physical energy clears the mind.
    7. Cut back on TV. Some call the television the "idiot box." It's probably true. People are watching it more and more instead of reading or doing other activities. Television can "stir up" your brain. Cut down on the hours you watch and you will probably have a calming effect on your mind.
    8. Just forget it! We all hold grudges and stew over things we can't change or control. The key is practicing the ability to simply let go and instantly forget the things we can't do anything about. Once again, it's not easy, but it may add years to your life through stress reduction. Clean up your surroundings. Clean and organize you home, car and work area. The subconscious mind picks up on everything. If a cluttered mess surrounds you, your thoughts will become a cluttered mess too. Remember, thoughts become things.

  5. Featured Product Of The Month

    Cervical Tractioning for your Neck- A system for neck pain relief by Arc4life

    Cervical Traction with The Posture Pump 1000
    At Arc4life.com we are here to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. This month we want to highlight how you can safely traction your neck with two very effective products for neck pain relief. Traction will provide a gentle stretch in your neck. Traction is helpful if you suffer from neck pain, pain and numbness and tingling into the arms or hands, headaches, stiffness or chronic neck discomfort.

    Have you been diagnosed with a Military Neck or a Loss of Cervical Lordosis?

    With a simple lateral cervical x-ray (x-ray of your neck from the side) one can determine if cervical traction can be useful for pain relief. The pictures you see below show you a patients' neck from the side (lateral cervical neck x-ray); they are facing to the right. The first X-Ray on the left shows Patient A in a neutral lateral position with a negative 8 degree buckle (reverse c curve) at the stress vertebra C-3/4 and 14mm of Anterior Head Translation. The X-Ray on the right shows the same patient INFLATED on the Posture Pump Cervical Traction Unit. The stress vertebra is now C-5, measuring a uniform 45 degree lordotic arc. Note that this dramatic 53 degree lordotic reinforcement is being accomplished with a mere 18 degree cephalad head tilt and only 10mm of Posterior head translation! A dramatic difference.
    Right: Military Neck, Left: Neck with proper cervical Curve

    Read more information on the Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000 and Cervical Traction Neck Pillow *** Use Discount Code Arc4Life15 for 15 dollars off when you purchase a Cervical Traction Neck Pillow and Posture Pump 1000 together. All orders will also receive a free 4 oz tube of BioFreeze Natural Pain Relieving Gel*** Expires April 30 2008

    April Sale: $15 off on Cervical Pillow+ Posture Pump + FREE BIOFREEZE 4 oz tube
    *** Use Discount Code Arc4Life15 Expires 04/30/2008

  6. Testimonial of the Month- for the Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000
    I only used it 2 times per week and noticed an improvement in my posture
    "I first used the posture pump at a chiropractic office. I only used it 2 times per week and noticed an improvement in my posture. My head was more in line with my body instead of being forward. As a physical therapist, I think this pump is a good way to restore the normal curve we should have in our necks. I have used it with one patient at my office so far who had significant decrease in pain"

    - By Jodee

    Read more information on the Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000

    Cervical traction is not for everyone. If you have neck pain, stiffness, forward head posture, this type of a traction unit will help you stretch your neck. It will take time to get used to. It is important to have a proper consultation and examination before beginning a traction protocol. A cervical x-ray can show you what your cervical curve will look like.
    If you would like more information about this neck pillow, click here: Frequently asked questions about the Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000

Remember, Arc4life is always here to help you live your life as comfortably as possible through innovative pain relief, traction and support products to help your body heal and maintain the health you deserve.


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