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Arc4life Specials for This Month

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Back Conditions

Back Conditions

FAQS / Shipping

What Are My Shipping Options?

Arc4life ships mostly via UPS Ground and the Post Office. It all depends on what products are ordered:

Product Type of Shipping
Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow and Arc4life Linear Gravity Pillow UPS Ground (2-8 days)
Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000

Cervical Traction Posture Pump 2000 (Lumbar Elliptical)
Fed Ex / UPS Ground
Formula 303
ChiroBear Chiropractic Teddy Bears
Dust Cover
All International Orders
First Class USPS (Regular Mail)
All other health Products UPS Ground
All International Orders Priority Mail

How are my shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges are added in upon check out to the subtotal amount:

Most Health Products excluding traction units $0.00-20.00 add $3.85**
$20.01-40.00 add $ 8.50**
$40.01-53.00 add $ 10.90**
$53.01-100.00 add $ 12.90**
$100.01-150.00 add $ 14.90**
$150.01-200.00 add $ 15.99**
$200.01-250.00 add $ 16.90**
$250.01-300.00 add $ 19.90**
Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000

Lumbar Elliptical Rocker Posture Pump 2000

Pronex Neck Traction Unit
**Products shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico may a  surcharge for shipping; Products sent to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico will be shipped via Regular USPS Postal Mail. If no surcharge is added , we will be shipping via standard mail which may take a few weeks to reach you. We will send you an invoice for additional shipping if the cost for shipping is higher than normal (for example for a bulky or higher weight product).

Do you charge sales tax ?

Yes we charge Connecticut Sales Tax for All orders shipping to the State of Connecticut (CT). The tax rate is  6.35% and it is applied to the subtotal at check out. 

Do you ship products to PO Box address?

We ship mostly with UPS. UPS does not ship to a PO Box. However, in some orders we will ship via the post office if a customer has made a special request. For all international orders we ship via the post office. UPS requires a physical address (this address can be business or a residential address). If you do enter a PO Box for the shipping address, we will contact you to get a physical address whenever possible.

Does Arc4life need a Physical Shipping address?

Because Arc4life uses UPS for shipping, YES a physical address is required. You can use a PO Box for your billing address. You must use a physical address for the shipping location. This address can be to your home address or to a business address. If you you need us to ship to a PO Box, just contact us via email. You can email us at sales[at]arc4life.com for questions are requests related to PO Boxes. Shipping for PO boxes will be via Priority mail or Standard Mail. If there is an extra cost we will let you know as well. 

Do you ship internationally ?

Yes, Arc4life is proud to ship all over the world ! Every month we ship  pillows. traction units, hot and cold packs, and many other products worldwide.
You must fill out our
International Mail Order form to calculate your shipping costs and delivery time. We respond to most e-mails within 24 hours.  In the past we have shipped to Canada, Australia, Dubai, Saudia Arabia, UK,  India, Philippines and many other countries. Shipping can take a few days to a few weeks and we will provide you with a tracking number. 
Fun arc4life Fact: Our most frequently shipped product to international countries is the Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

Click here for: Frequently asked questions about International Orders

My credit card is being declined and the order is not going through, what should I do?

When you place an order, the billing address you use for billing must match the address on your credit card statement. If this does not match, then our system will not accept your order. You must enter your address, credit card number, expiration date and CVV # correctly. If your credit card statement goes to your PO Box, then enter your PO box in the billing section. If your order does not go through the first time, try ONLY one more time and make sure you have all the correct information. Do not try multiple times to put in a credit card that becomes declined. Each transaction will show up as "pending" and will take a few days to be erased from your credit card transaction history. We may have to put your order through manually.

For all orders that do not go through successfully, we will attempt to contact you. We will, in most cases, send you a invoice for the item you were trying to order. If you have changed your mind and do not wish to order, please just delete or cancel the invoice that we sent you. 

You can also order over the telephone. Call us at 1-866-810-2174 to complete this Monday - Friday 9-5 pm. If you do not reach us right away, leave us a message. We will call you to take your order over the phone.

Do you ship products to an APO address ?

Yes, We do ship to APO addresses. Just fill out our order form. You can also contact us and we can send you an invoice for payment.  

Just remember that some products on our website may take longer to reach you. We will usually ship the product Priority Mail or Standard Mail, United States Post office. For any type of military address, we have to go to the post office in person to drop off your package. Tracking numbers are usually not available. Shipping will take longer. If you don't recieve you product in a reasonable time, email us so that we can check the status of the product from our end.

Certain zip codes may require an extra shipping cost. If this is the case, we will email you and send you an invoice. 

What is your return policy on your products ?

For most of our products, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on (starting from the day that you received your product); This 30 day return date is strictly enforced and we will check to see what date you received the product via tracking info. For all products to be refunded, they must come back in brand new condition. If the item is dirty/soiled/does not come back in original packaging, a refund will not be given. Our shipping department will inspect the item that comes back and make the final decision as to whether the item can be refunded.

Certain items cannot be returned. Please refer to our Return Policy. For example, dust covers, biofreeze, and the special order items cannot be refunded. 

For any other product, just return the product in the original packaging in for a refund of the product price less shipping and a 5% return fee. Email us at arc4life@ cox.net that you wish to return the product so that we can anticipate the product coming back. Please include in the original box: Your name, your address, telephone number and an email address so that we may contact you once the refund is complete.

Click here to read our: Return Policy 

Can I track my shipments ?

Yes, we will in most cases update your payment transaction with a tracking number. You must provide a valid email during your ordering process so that we may send you a tracking number. Once you have this tracking number, go to the Post Office (www.usps.com) website or UPS (www.ups.com)website to track your package.

In some cases when you ordered two or more items, you may be alloted two or more tracking numbers. We will always do our best to send you all the tracking numbers. However, sometimes our shipping department does not let us know right away the tracking number. Just send us an email to sales[at]arc4life.com and we will email you your tracking information. 

I ordered 2 seperate products from Arc4life.com. Why were some of the products I ordered not in this package ?

Due to the nature of some of the items or temporary back orders, it may have been necessary to split your order. Also some of our products come from a different location, and they may arrive via Fedex/UPS/USPS. If you don't receive your multiple items within 10-15 days, send us an email at sales @arc4life.com

Do you have a catalog?

Sorry, at this present time, Arc4life does not offer a catalogue. Arc4life customer support is available Monday- Friday 9-5 pm EST- so if you are looking for a special product for pain relief, please email us directly at arc4life@ cox.net. Alternately, give us a call at any time to speak with a customer representative at 1-866-210-2174. If you are looking for the right neck pillow, read our in-depth article titled How to choose the right neck pillow

Do you accept orders over the telephone ?

Yes, Arc4life accepts orders over the telephone: You can contact us at 1-866-210-2174 at any time. You can also call us directly at the office at 860-633-8756. If the lines are busy, just call us back or leave us a message. We strive to help you in any way that we can. If in the rare event that you have to leave a message, please speak slowly and clearly. Include your full name and telephone number and we will call you back as soon as possible. You can also email us your telephone number and we will call you back as soon as possible.

What Kind of Products does Arc4life Carry ?

Products for Pain Relief and Making you as Comfortable as possible. We carry neck pillows, neck traction unit, hot and cold packs, positioning products, tens units, electrotherapy accessories, and much more. Here is some products we offer. 
What do Our Customers Think?

What do Our Customers Think?



After a snowmobile accident that injured my neck, nearly 20 yrs ago, I've tried EVERY pillow possible. A couple chiropractors have recommended this pillow, but I couldn't make myself pay the high price. Well, let me tell you, I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars, if I'd listened to them way back! This is definitely my pillow of choice, and it goes everywhere with me.
Library Lover, April 6, 2014
A Chiropractor's Nightmare...

A Chiropractor's Nightmare...

I had a very bad neck pain that ran down my right arm for two weeks and so I went to a chiropractor who, predictably, told me my neck was in a very bad way, I had herniated discs and that I needed 3 sessions a week at $50 a pop for at least 3 months. So I got this pillow and I was better within 4 days. It's very comfortable and I now use it as my regular pillow.
The Bassfiend, 12/28/2010
Hi Arc4life,I purchased a Cervical Neck Pillow from you 2 days ago. I received it this morning. I opened the box, put the pillow on my bed, and laid down to "test drive" it. Then, I fell asleep!!! This is not good. I have work to do. I have to bake for my niece's bridal shower tomorrow, and I'm too busy to be falling in love with a pillow! I don't have time for this. I just wanted to share my experience. Thanks so much for making a fabulous product.

Sue in Pennsylvania 05/07/2008
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Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

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