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Ergonomic Products for Kids

Ergonomic Products for Kids

Kids Neck Pillows and Kids BackPacks designed for Comfort and Good Posture

Kids need to have good posture while growing up and be comfortable just as much as adults. Sleep in very important for proper growing and healing. Arclife offers a great cervical support neck pillow designed with children in mind. Also, Arc4life is proud to offer special AirPacks patented, ergonomic air transfer system, you and your child can tote today's heavier loads in a more comfortable and safer way.
Check out the Small Linear Gravity Neck Pillow to promote good cervial posture and support for your kids.
When choosing a kids pillow, consider Arc4life's Linear Gravity Neck Pillow. Specifically, The Small Linear Gravity Neck Pillow, perfect for your young kids and adolescents.
This Small Linear Gravity neck Pillow is great for travelling and perfect for the kids, and adolescents. It is also great for those people who are of a petite frame. This smaller neck pillow aligns your head, neck and spine and supports your neck and head correctly, while sleeping on your back or side. It eliminates or reduces painful stiff neck and stressed neck and shoulder muscles. It has a square center (no rounded corners). This neck pillow measures 20 inches by 13 inches and weighs 1 lbs 2.8 ounces. Non-allergenic, anti-microbial, with cervical support, and hand stuffed to perfection!


Size Best For: Dimensions of Neck Pillow Cost of neck pillow
SmallPeople who are of petite frame; approx. 5 feet23" x 17"$ 46.99
MediumPeople who of height 5 ft - 5'9" ft20" x 26"$ 40.99
LargePeople who of height greater than 5'9"21" x 33"$ 52.95

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Check out the Petite Core Cerivcal Support Neck Pillow- in the family of TriCore Neck Pillows- Providing neck support for side and back sleepers. Great for children, teens and petite adults- or for someone who just likes a smaller neck pillow. The Dimensions of the Petite Core Support Neck Pillow is 19" x 12". Available in white or a cool colored print. Also optional is a pillowcase with this pillow.
Kids BackPacks are offered in 3 different sizes

Kids BackPacks are offered in 3 different sizes

Arc4life is proud to offer special AirPacks BackPacks- with a special patented, ergonomic air transfer system, so that you and your child can tote today's heavier loads in a more erogonmic and comfortable way. This support system is created by a hidden adjustable air chamber placed in the lower back which transfers weight to the hips. The wide, foam-cushioned straps have buckles at the top and bottom to provide a two point adjustment. These back packs self-adjust side to side to provide bettr fit across the shoulders. Side cinches pull the load closer to your center of gravity increasing balance and stability.


Back PackIndividuals of heightMeasurement from the top of the shoulder to the natural waistColors AvailableCost
Small AirPacksis ideal for a smaller elementary school student, petite middle school, high school or adult who is shorter than 5'15" or less NavyBlue, Pink, Orange, Camaflage $51.95
Medium AirPacksis designed to fit any larger-sized elementary school, average-sized middle school, high school and college student or adult who is 5' to 5'5" tall 15" and 17"Black, Purple, Green, Navy Blue, Pink$57.95
Large AirPacksfits larger frame students of all ages who are 5' 5" or tallermore than 17"Black/Gray, Maroon/Gray, Brown, Red/Black, Navy/Gray$63.95
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Click on Product to get more information:

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Arc4life Linear Gravity Support Neck PillowArc4life Linear Gravity Support Neck PillowSupport Pillow with 2 Neck Rolls. Available in Small, Medium and Large 
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Petite Core Neck Pillow WhitePetite Core Neck Pillow WhiteThe smaller size of the petite core gives children, teens and smaller adults a supportive neck pillow to sleep on. Great as a travel neck pillow as well.
Posture CorrectorPosture CorrectorPromotes proper posture in the upper back and middle back areas. Inconspicuous under most clothing. White cotton canvas with two flexible stays. 
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Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

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