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December 2007 The Healthy Back and Neck


December 2007 - In This Issue-

  1. Article - Do You Ever Wish You Could Get More Sleep? More Shocking News On The Effectiveness Of Popular Sleep Medications !
  2. Inspirational quote
  3. Inspirational story
  4. Testimonial of the month - The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow- for side and back sleepers
  5. Featured product -15% Coupon Code for your Last minute Christmas Shopping

  1. Do you Ever Wish You could get more sleep? More shocking news on the effectiveness of popular sleep medications !

    It's a very common complaint. Just ask someone how they are doing and many will say, "Tired"

    The ones who say "fine" or "good" are probably tired too. They're just being positive.

    It's hard to find anyone that doesn't admit to wanting more sleep. At least an extra hour or two.

    Maybe you feel the same way. After all, wouldn��t it be nice to stay under the warm covers longer tomorrow morning?

    But, that��s not the only problem. Countless people have serious trouble falling asleep. And when they do, they wake up frequently during the night. Have you ever looked at your clock and said to yourself, "If I fall asleep right now, I can still get 5 hours of sleep!" All this spells one thing for the following day�K


    Lying wide-awake in bed can be extremely frustrating. And it can even lower your immune system and is linked to several health problems.

    For example: A new study suggests that lack of sleep elevates activity in the emotional centers of the brain most closely associated with psychiatric disorders such as depression.

    Though the thinking has been that psychiatric disorders cause poor sleep, Matthew Walker (Assistant Professor of Psychology at Berkeley and a former Harvard sleep researcher) says now he's not so sure because those he studied didn't have psychiatric conditions, yet they exhibited emotional brain reactions similar to psychiatric conditions.

    Mary Carskadon, a Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University who has studied adolescents and sleep deprivation, says the new study is compatible with her findings. She is particularly concerned about what it means for adolescents who are often sleep-deprived and who are being diagnosed with depression in increasing numbers.

    "What we don't know is whether early sleep deprivation then projects out to things like major depressive disorder or bipolar illness and whether we're really setting up our kids for these major problems as they grow up," she says.

    It��s no wonder people suffering with sleep problems are willing to try almost anything, which makes them a prime target for slick television commercials.

    Your Dreams Miss You

    That's the line used in a television commercial for the sleeping pill, Rozerem. In this "Dream" Abraham Lincoln, a beaver and a deep-sea diver all sit around a table. Supposedly they're the dreams you are missing.

    This may be an unusual pitch but the message is clear: If you want to sleep better Rozerem is the way.

    Well, according to an October 23, 2007 article in the New York Times, this is not the case.

    Speaking of Rozerem, "it costs about $3.50 a pill; gets you to sleep 7 to 16 minutes faster than a placebo, or fake pill; and increases total sleep time 11 to 19 minutes, according to an analysis last year."

    Wow! Only gets you to sleep 7-16 minutes faster and only increases total sleep time by 11-19 minutes.

    Are you wondering if Honest Abe
    should really be part of that commercial?

    But if you are thinking "that's just Rozerem" and you can just try other sleeping pills, here's the shocking truth according to the New York Times Article: Sleeping pills in general do not greatly improve sleep for the average person.

    "American consumers spend $4.5 billion a year for sleep medications. Their popularity may lie in a mystery that confounds researchers. Many people who take them think they work far better than laboratory measurements show they do.

    An analysis of sleeping pill studies found that when people were monitored in the lab, newer drugs like Ambien, Lunesta and Sonata worked better than fake pills. But the results were not overwhelming, said the analysis, which was published this year and financed by the National Institutes of Health.

    The analysis said that viewed as a group, the pills reduced the average time to go to sleep 12.8 minutes compared with fake pills, and increased total sleep time 11.4 minutes. The drug makers point to individual studies with better results.
    Subjects who took older drugs like Halcion and Restoril fell asleep 10 minutes faster and slept 32 minutes longer than the placebo group. Paradoxically, when subjects were asked how well they slept, they reported better results, 52 extra minutes of sleep with the older drugs and 32 minutes with the newer drugs."

    So the big question is: If sleeping pills
    do not change actual sleeping time much �V
    why do some report success when taking them?

    Dr. Wallace B. Mendelson, the former director of a sleep disorders unit at the University of Chicago had this to say about that question: "A bigger aspect of this is that they change a person's perception of their state of consciousness."

    Here's one theory about how sleeping pills made people feel better: Most sleeping pills work on the same brain receptors as drugs to treat anxiety. By reducing anxiety, the pills may make people worry less about not going to sleep.

    Another theory about the discrepancy between measured sleep and perceived sleep involves a condition called anterograde amnesia. While under the influence of most sleep medications, people have trouble forming memories. When they wake up, they may simply forget they had trouble sleeping.

    Here's a case in point: There have been many cases of people sleep walking and doing strange things (like eating garbage) while taking the popular sleep drug Ambien. Many of the people, however, believe they were sleeping well and had no idea what was going on.

    According to the New York Times Article: Rosemary Eckley, a graphic artist in New London, Wis., said she thought she was sleeping well on Ambien but woke to find her wrist broken, apparently in a fall while sleepwalking.

    Sleep-eating and sleep driving while on Ambien are similar to what happened to people while taking Halcion 20 years ago. destination. This was called "traveler��s amnesia" and Halcion was pulled from the market.

    And here's something else to consider:

    It is conventional wisdom that as we age, we have more sleep problems. Older people sleep less and "toss and turn" during the night more.

    That's just the way it is. Well, maybe not!

    According to another New York Times Article: To researchers" great surprise, it turns out that sleep does not change much from age 60 on. And poor sleep, it turns out, is not because of aging itself, but mostly because of illnesses or the medications used to treat them.
    ��The more disorders older adults have, the worse they sleep," said Sonia Ancoli-Israel, a Professor of Psychiatry and a sleep researcher at the University of California, San Diego. "If you look at older adults who are very healthy, they rarely have sleep problems."

    Clearly, lack of sleep can cause health problems. But the jury is still out on many of these "sleep aids." Finding natural ways to relieve stress and get to sleep are always preferred to risky chemicals.

  2. Inspirational Quote

    "There is only one success to be able to spend your life in your own way."-

    Nicholas Butler

  3. Inspirational Story Of The Month

    (Names And Details Have Been Changed To Protect Privacy.)

    "Ways Some People Get Rich"

    Here's something very interesting!

    Most people when asked, "Which would you rather have, the love of your life or be rich" chose to be rich. Sad but true. And ��to be rich�� won by a pretty large margin. Not sure how ��scientific�� this is. But�K it raises a very important point�K

    Many, Many, MANY People Are

    Concerned About MONEY!

    Chances are you may be one of them. How do I know? Check out the headline to this story that you chose to read.��

    Bottom line is: It��s nice to say, ��money doesn��t buy happiness.�� And yes �V if you lose your health �V nothing else will matter. But�K and this is a very big but�K if you are constantly worried about the basic necessities of life, it is difficult to really enjoy life.

    Who knows the exact stats �V but we all know and have been told that a large percentage of arguments in marriages are about money. And while we are on the subject of surveys �V check out what this survey discovered about getting rich�K

    When surveyors asked people what they thought their best chance of getting rich was,
    here��s the top three responses�K

    1. Inherit it.
    2. Hit the Lottery.
    3. Win it in a lawsuit.

    Being rich beats out finding the love of your life�K and�K hard work (or working for it at all) has nothing to do with most peoples belief on how to get rich. Who else is shocked here? Well, here��s an interesting story�KIn October of this year, Jeff Bidelman was asked by some friends to do them a favor. They owned an old house that a family member had lived in�K but passed away over 20 years ago. No one had been living in the house ever since.

    They wanted Bidelman to go through the house and see if there was anything valuable.

    "I was upstairs digging around," Bidelman said. "I found a whole pile of coins." Scooping them into a plastic bag, he started to drag the heavy load and as he made it downstairs, he noticed a hole in the wall. "You don't just have a hole in the wall," he said. Jeff asked the late owners' daughter to explain the hole, and she recalled the family rumors from her youth.

    Bidelman quickly found the first-floor wall below the hole and began tapping near the floor. It sounded solid.

    ��When I got to about face level, I heard, ��chink, chink,���� he said. Bidelman opened the wall and the coins rushed out, ��ballooning�� under pressure.

    Coins that have been sorted so far date from 1826 through 1964 and include Large Cents and Seated Liberty dimes. The coins have been removed from the old house and placed in secure locations.

    So far, Bidelman has sorted and cataloged coins with a face value of about $8,500. Value to collectors will be much more, Bidelman said, adding he is already putting some items on the popular Internet auction site eBay.

    Experts are estimating the total value is going to be around $200,000.

    There were several "Large Cent" coins, which were minted from 1793 to 1857.

    The face value is one cent, but Bidelman expects to get at least $20 each.

    The family asked Bidelman not to identify them or the location of the home, especially after reading recent news reports of a woman who allegedly tried to burglarize a local home while the family was attending a funeral.

    Undoubtedly the people who tried to rob the house during the funeral weren��t part of the survey mentioned above. If they were�K there would have been a fourth way to get rich�KSteal it.


  4. Health Tip of the Month

    Tip Of The Month -
    ��Bad Product Awards for 2007!!!��

    Have you ever bought something�K spent your hard earned money�K had great expectations�K and then it turned out to be JUNK? Sure you have. Everyone has. Well, here is how some are getting a little revenge�KGlobal consumer group, Consumers International has recently announced its bad product awards for 2007. The top prize went to the U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese firm, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, for promoting a sleeping drug for children. The company ran a television advertisement in the United States using images of children, chalkboards and a school bus to sell its drug, Rozerem. Yes, this is the same sleeping pill discussed in our lead story that used Abraham Lincoln, a beaver and a scuba diver and the slogan, ��Your Dreams Miss You�� to market to adults. The "back-to-school" advertisements, which complied with U.S. law, promoted the sleeping pills to parents without including health warnings for children, Consumers International said. "This case demonstrates the lengths to which some drug companies will go to increase sales of their products, how direct to consumer advertising can promote irrational drug use, and how weak regulations can foster irresponsible corporate behavior," the group said. Another award went to drinks giant Coca-Cola for pushing marketing "into the realms of the ridiculous" in the United States and South America with its Dasani bottled water which is sourced from the same reservoirs as local tap water. Kellogg's, best known for its cereals, was given a bad food award for the worldwide use of cartoon characters and marketing aimed at children despite the high levels of salt and sugar in some foods. "Kellogg's is one of a number of international food companies that make money by selling products high in fat, sugar and/or salt," Consumers International said. "Threatened with litigation in the U.S., Kellogg's has agreed to change some of their marketing practices, however, we believe they are doing too little, too late." Toymaker Mattel was also named over the global recall of more than 19 million products made in China because of high lead levels and small magnets. Last month, the U.S. toymaker apologized to China, saying the vast majority of recalls were due to design flaws and had nothing to do with where the toys were manufactured. "This is a classic case of avoiding accountability and shifting responsibility on a global scale," Consumers International said. "Wherever the fault lies, the safety of consumers was compromised and this should be the full focus of Mattel's attention, not finger pointing and not blame dodging." Consumers International, a global federation of consumer advocate organizations, said the awards aimed to highlight the abuse of consumer trust. "These multi-billion dollar companies are global brands with a responsibility to be honest, accountable and responsible," the group's director general, Richard Lloyd said. "In highlighting their shortcomings, Consumers International and its 220 member organizations are holding corporations accountable and demanding businesses take social responsibility seriously." The awards, which were announced at Consumers International's World Congress in Sydney, were whittled down from submissions by consumer organizations around the world. Criteria for final selection included the size of the company, the scale of sales and marketing, the impact on consumers, and the potential for change by the corporation.

  5. Featured Product Of The Month:Last minute Christmas Shopping with a special bonus on Arc4life.com

    For the first time ever, Arc4life is giving a 15% special discount coupon to ALL products on our website, no matter the size of your order. Use discount code Dec0715. This coupon is valid until December 19th. Use it on a cervical neck pillow, a traction unit, a lumbar back support, or a massage unit. Also, with every purchase of a cervical traction neck pillow, or a Posture pump 1000 Cervical Neck Unit all orders will include a FREE sample of BioFreeze- a natural pain relieving gel that we offer on Arc4life.com. (Quantities are limited) Merry Christmas Everyone! Best Wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season
    Winter Wonderland in South Glastonbury Connecticut

  6. Testimonial of the The Month- for the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow �V I love it. No more pain or stiffness., December 5, 2007

    This pillow is fabulous. I had neck pain with tingling radiating down my arm to my index finger. (Obviously a bulging cervical disk/pinched nerve.) To treat myself, I stopped my usual exercise routines for awhile to let myself heal, took anti-inflammatories for a couple of weeks, bought this pillow and the books "Treat Your Own Neck Pain" and "Treat Your Own Back Pain." Long and short, I was 100% better after a few weeks without the huge expenditure of time and money required for treatment by doctors or physical therapists. A few months later, and I'm still pain free and have no physical restrictions whatsoever.

    I have to wonder if the people who found the pillow uncomfortable did not follow the directions that say to ease into using it by gradually increasing the time of use. I, too, found it a bit uncomfortable at first, but that quickly passed by using it as directed. I'm still using it now b/c I'm such a believer. It provides light cervical traction while lying on your back (with an optional simple neck support if you turn it around). Better yet (at least for me), for long term use, it provides perfect support for your neck when sleeping on either side so long as you move to the proper position on the pillow as indicated by the directions.
    I split my time between the US and Europe, and this pillow always goes with me. It's one of the best purchases I've made.

    By T.Marchand, Argyle Texas

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