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March 2008 The Healthy Back and Neck eNewsletter
Arc4life March  2008 eNewsletter

Arc4life March 2008 eNewsletter

ARC4LIFE - The Healthy Back and Neck Newsletter

March 2008

-In this Issue-
  1. Article - New Study Explains How To Keep Hunger In Check Plus: Important Warning About Caffeine And Miscarriage Risk
  2. Inspirational quote- Unfair Advantage and Strange Coincidences
  3. Health Tip of the month- Do You Have �Supernatural Powers�?
  4. Testimonial of the month - The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow- For effective neck pain relief of the neck for better sleep
  5. Featured product -The HealthyNeck System- For muscle spasm and trigger points

  1. New Study Explains How To Keep Hunger In Check Plus: Important Warning About Caffeine And Miscarriage Risk

    Good gosh. I just ate. So� why am I still hungry? And why am I so darned hungry all the time?

    Ever ask yourself those questions? Sure you have. Because we ALL have.

    Fact of the matter is: almost everyone, at some time in there life, struggles with the �why am I so hungry all the time� issue.

    Well� what if science figured out what types of foods made you hungry� and� what types of foods actually curbed your appetite � would you be interested?

    Well, guess what?

    It looks like they have!

    What Keeps Hunger In Check

    Reuters reported on January 18, 2008 that U.S. researchers are now offering new insights into how diets work.

    According to the study, diets high in protein may be the best way to keep hunger in check.

    They found that protein does the best job at keeping a specific hormone in check, while carbohydrates and fats did not fare nearly as well.

    The study, which will appear in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, looked at the effectiveness of different nutrients at suppressing ghrelin, a hormone secreted by the stomach that stimulates appetite.

    "Suppression of ghrelin is one of the ways that you lose your appetite as you begin to eat and become sated," said Dr. David Cummings of the University of Washington in Seattle, who worked on the study.

    The researchers gave 16 people three different beverages, each with varying levels of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

    They took blood samples before the first beverage, then every 20 minutes for six hours afterward, measuring ghrelin levels in each sample.

    Fat Still A �No-No!�

    Many popular diets say it�s okay to eat decent amounts of fat. The interesting thing about this study is that it found fats suppressed ghrelin �quite poorly� and that they fared the poorest overall.
    "Proteins were the best suppressor of ghrelin in terms of the combination of the depth and duration of suppression," Cummings said.

    "That is truly satisfying because high proteins are essentially common to almost all of the popular diets.�

    Yo-Yo Sugar Effect

    They also found that eating carbohydrates resulted in strong ghrelin suppression at first, but ghrelin levels rebounded with a vengeance, rising to an even higher level.

    This shows what many have surmised for a long time: That carbohydrates can make you hungrier in the long run. Which also answers the question � why am I so hungry even though I just ate so darned much?

    Cummings said the findings may aid in future research on the effectiveness of different diets.
    Clearly eating carbohydrates (like a bowl of ice cream) right before bed every night is NOT the best idea!

    Now, here�s something different everyone should know about�

    Caffeine�s Shocking Effect

    On Miscarriage Rates

    According to a new study, pregnant women who drink two or more cups of coffee a day have twice the risk of having a miscarriage as those who avoid caffeine.

    For quite some time, there has been a debate as to whether caffeine affects miscarriage rates or not.

    Researchers are saying this study may finally put that debate to rest.

    They said the study provides strong evidence that 200 milligrams of caffeine per day or more significantly increases the risk of miscarriage.

    This was considered a high dose of caffeine� but in reality� 200 milligrams is the equivalent of only 2 cups of coffee.

    No Coffee For At Least 3 Months

    "Women who are pregnant or are actively seeking to become pregnant should stop drinking coffee for three months or hopefully throughout pregnancy," said Dr. De-Kun Li of Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, whose study appears in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    There have already been several studies done but none were conclusive. One problem was women often stopped drinking coffee during the study because it made them nauseous.

    This skewed the results. But this time the study was designed to rule out that variable and finally get a more definitive answer.

    Their study involved 1,063 pregnant women who were members of the Kaiser Permanente health plan in San Francisco from October 1996 through October 1998. Women in the group never changed their caffeine consumption during pregnancy.


    What they found was women who consumed the equivalent of two or more cups of regular coffee or five 12-ounce cans of caffeinated soda - were twice as likely to miscarry as pregnant women who avoided caffeine.

    Caffeine � Not Just Coffee

    This risk appeared to be related to the caffeine, rather than other chemicals in coffee, because they also saw an increased risk when the caffeine was consumed in soda, tea, and hot chocolate.

    Which is very important� because� many people think coffee is bad while tea is completely safe. The results of this study indicate that might not be the case.

    Li said many researchers think caffeine is harmful because it stresses the fetus' immature metabolism. It may also decrease blood flow in the placenta, which could harm the fetus.

    "To me, the safe dose is zero," Li said. "If you really have to drink coffee, try to limit it to one cup or at the most two cups." Or better yet, switch to decaffeinated beverages, he added.

    Based on the findings, Dr. Tracy Flanagan, Director of Women's Health at Kaiser Permanente Northern California, said pregnant women should think about limiting coffee to one cup a day, and they might want to cut it out entirely.

    "So many causes of miscarriage are not controllable, this is an opportunity to do something active."

    And here�s an important point: Reuters reported on January 9, 2008 about another study that found caffeine intakes less than 200 milligrams did NOT increase the risk of a woman miscarrying.

    In this study, 2,407 pregnant women were followed through pregnancy; 258 miscarried.

    Most women in the study who drank coffee or other caffeinated beverages consumed about 350 milligrams of caffeine daily before they became pregnant, and in very early pregnancy equivalent to 1.7 7-ounce cups of brewed coffee a day.

    At the time of the interview, their average caffeine intake had fallen to 200 milligrams. At each of the three time points assessed, there was no statistically significant relationship between the amount of caffeine a woman consumed and her risk of miscarriage.

    From this study, it seems as though caffeine consumption under 200 milligrams may be okay. But it�s probably best to be on the safe side and cut caffeine out completely if you plan on having a child.

  2. Inspirational Quote

    �Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.�

    - Abraham Lincoln

  3. Inspirational Story Of The Month

    (Names And Details Have Been Changed To Protect Privacy.)

    �Unfair Advantage and Strange Coincidences�

    This is strange.

    There is a very interesting man by the name of Oscar Pistorious. He is so interesting because he is a double amputee and competes in running races with the help of prosthetic racing legs called �Cheetah Blades.�
    They call Oscar the �Blade Runner.�

    Pistorius was a gold medalist in 2004 in the ParaOlympic events in Athens in 2004.

    He finished second in the 400 meters at the South African National Championships last year against able-bodied runners.

    Anyway, the IAAF just ruled that Oscar is ineligible to compete in the Beijing Olympics because his prosthetic racing legs give him a clear competitive advantage.

    "An athlete using this prosthetic blade has a demonstrable mechanical advantage (more than 30 percent) when compared to someone not using the blade," the IAAF said.

    Wow. That got me to thinking.

    How strange it is that being a double amputee could actually end up being an �unfair� advantage in a sport such as running.

    It also got me to thinking about other �unfair� advantages. And more specifically� �unfair� advantages one �average person� can have over another.

    For example, looks. Not too long ago a study came out that said good looking people get paid more for the exact same job as people who were not as good looking.

    It�s true. And this wasn�t just for models, actors, and actresses, etc.

    This crazy reality was true for doctors, lawyers, and all kinds of professional occupations that one would think have nothing to do with looks.

    It just goes to show you that the real world can be a harsh place. And� sometimes� things don�t always happen the way you think they should.

    Which reminds me of this fascinating story:

    Imagine this�

    You meet that �special� someone� fall in love� and get married. He or she the love of your life� and� everything is unfolding like a real world fairy tale. But then� all of a sudden� the record skips!

    You discover that your spouse is actually your twin who was separated from you at birth!

    Crazy isn�t it? It almost sounds like the 80�s movie �Twins� starring Arnold Schwarzenegger with an evil twist�

    Well � here�s where it gets even crazier: That story is 100% true. It�s from Reuters January 14, 2008. In Great Britain, a couple discovered, after they had been married, they were twins who had been split up at birth and adopted by separate families. The two never even knew they were twins or who their biological parents were� until now, that is.

    The first thing that came to mind was, �What are the odds of that actually happening?�

    Out of all the people in this world� and all the possible outcomes� how incredible it is that they even met, much less falling in love and marrying each other?

    This reminded me of the blade runner. You know, Oscar Pistorious. I bet you didn�t think there was a link here� but there is!

    Look. What are the odds of the blade runner losing both his legs� having the will and mental toughness to become a champion runner� actually be good enough for the Olympics� and then have a committee say�
    �He Has An Unfair Advantage?�

    There are many unfair advantages in life. Like looks. Having two prosthetic legs is not one of them.
    Wouldn�t it be wonderful if the blade runner could fulfill his dream and compete in the Olympics? Seems like his cheetah blades are not an unfair advantage� but the whole situation may be a little unfair.

  4. Health Tip of the Month

    Do You Have �Supernatural Powers�? Here�s A List Of The Top 5�

    Do You Have �Supernatural Powers�? -
    Here�s A List Of The Top 5�

    This is simply a fun and interesting list. These are all powers people have claimed to have, but there is no scientific proof for. Have fun!

    1. Psychokinesis - Psychokinesis, also known as Telekinesis or mind over matter, is the ability to move or manipulate objects with the mind. Wouldn�t it be nice to make that food levitate from the fridge to us on the couch? The position normally taken by scientists and skeptics is that any apparent evidence of this ability is the result of fraud. Many books claim to help you learn this ability and they often contain exercises to help. For example, you may be told to throw a dice repeatedly whilst trying to control the number that comes up. Unfortunately, this creates the psychological state of illusion of control, in which a person comes to believe they are influencing the dice when, in fact, on every roll they have a 1 in 6 chance that their number will come up. One famous person who claims to have this ability is Uri Gellar. He is well-known for his spoon bending trick in which he would (apparently) gently rub a spoon just beneath the bowl and the spoon would twist or turn. In fact, skeptics have been able to mimic this trick with great success with no claims to having supernatural abilities.
    2. Sensory Perception - Extra Sensory Perception, or ESP, is the ability to gather information without the use of the 5 senses (hence it is also sometimes called the sixth sense). Zener cards are often used to test for ESP. Zener cards are 25 cards that contain 5 patterns: a circle, a square, a triangle, a set of squiggly lines, and a plus. One person looks at a card and the other tries to see the card in their mind. This method is not valid since you have a 1 in 5 chance of guessing correctly and since there are only 25 cards in the deck, one could simply count the cards and seriously increase their odds of guessing correctly as the game goes on. On average, most people guess right about 20% of the time.
    3. Telepathy - Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others through thoughts. Within the field of parapsychology, this is considered to be a form of ESP. Most often, telepathy occurs spontaneously in incidents of crisis where a relative or friend has been injured or killed in an accident. An individual is aware of the danger to the other person over a distance. This information seems to come in different forms such as thought fragments, like something is wrong; in dreams, visions, hallucinations, mental images, or in words that pop into the mind. Often such information causes the receiver to change his or her course of action, such as changing travel plans or daily schedule, or to just call or contact the other person. Some incidents involve apparent telepathy between humans and animals.
    4. Clairvoyance - Clairvoyance is the transfer of information without the use of the senses - it differs from telepathy in that there is no transfer of information from one person to another. Clairvoyants often say that the information comes from the spirit world. A related ability is called Clairaudience - which is the ability to internally hear information that is passed from the dead. A very famous clairaudient was Doris Stokes, a British spiritualist. Current thinking among proponents of clairvoyance suggests most people are born with clairvoyant abilities but then start to suppress them as their childhood training compels them to adhere to acceptable social norms. Numerous institutes offer training courses that attempt to revive the clairvoyant abilities present in those early years.
    5. Pyrokinesis - Pyrokinesis is the ability to ignite or extinguish fires with the mind. In a book by Stephen King, Firestarter, the main character, a young girl, has this ability. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that this ability is real, though many people involved in the field of parapsychology believe it exists. There may be a connection between this alleged ability and the various reports of spontaneous human combustion.

    6. Featured Product Of The Month

      The HealthyNeck System for muscle spasm and headache relief by Arc4life

      healthyneck system for muscle spasm and headaches
      At Arc4life.com we are here to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. This month we want to highlight how you can combat muscle spasms of the suboccipitals and cervical paraspinals. Use the Healthy Neck System for Muscle Spasm, trigger point therapy and headaches. It is light, easy to travel with and simple to use to get instant pain relief. If your neck is stiff, use the Healthy Neck to help relieve stress and pressure from tightened muscles. Use to increase your cervical range of motion and get relief of cervicogenic, tension and migraine headaches.

      Do you suffer from Migraine Headaches?
      Dr. Rothbart, a medical doctor explains the origin of the cervicogenic Migraine headache. "The Cervicogenic Migraine is a Migraine which has its origin in the area of the neck. The source of pain is found in structures around the neck which have been damaged. These structures can include joints, ligaments, muscles, and cervical discs, all of which have complex nerve endings. When these structures are damaged, the nerve endings send pain signals up the pathway from the upper nerves of the neck to the brain. During this process they intermingle with the nerve fibers of the trigeminal nerve. Since the trigeminal nerve is responsible for the perception of head pain, the patient therefore experiences the symptoms of Migraine."

      Use 5 different contact surfaces on the HealthyNeck to work on the muscles of the neck. This treatment relieves muscular tension in the cervical paraspinals and muscles of the upper shoulder area including the trapezius exercises using the healthyNeck Read more information on the HealthyNeck System. Specific Protocol for neck exercises also given. Arc4life offers three specific products for headache pain relief:
      *** Use Discount Code Arc4Life6Mar for 6 dollars off of your purchase of a HealthyNeck System*** Expires March 31 2008

    7. Testimonial of the Month- for the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow
      I had a pleasant nights sleep and when i woke up i didn't feel any discomfort or stiffness.
      �I ordered the pillow as i have chronic muscle spasms and my x-ray is identical to the image on the little booklet that came with the pillow. I received the traction pillow yesterday and tried it last night. I found it extremely comfortable and had no issues falling asleep. i worked out in the gym yesterday and usually the day after im in a lot of pain i have had this problem for nearly a year now and have found no relief other than maybe using emu oil and NSAID's. I had a pleasant nights sleep and when i woke up i didn't feel any discomfort or stiffness. It really works and i don�t think i'll ever want to part with it. I want to order 2 more for people with the similar problem in my family.Thanks�

      March 1, 2008- By Faiz Rezwan (Banglore KA, India)

      Read more customer testimonials for the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow

      Cervical traction is not for everyone. If you have neck pain, stiffness, forward head posture, this type of a neck pillow will help you. It will take time to get used to. It is important to have a proper consultation and examination before beginning a traction protocol. A cervical x-ray can show you what your cervical curve will look like.
      If you would like more information about this neck pillow, click here: Frequently asked questions about the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow

    Remember, Arc4life is always here to help you live your life as comfortably as possible through innovative pain relief, traction and support products to help your body heal and maintain the health you deserve.

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