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Popular Products Right Now:

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Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow MediumArc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow MediumThe Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow offers superior comfort, promotes good posture, provides proper neck support while you sleep. Medium 24"x17". Regular Support.
Arc4life Natural Alignment Neck Pillow Soft SupportArc4life Natural Alignment Neck Pillow Soft SupportGentler and Softer fiber pillow that supports and aligns your neck while sleeping: 24"x17"
Arc4life Turmeric Curcumin 500mg - Natural AntiOxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Health SupplementArc4life Turmeric Curcumin 500mg - Natural AntiOxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Health SupplementAnti Inflammatory, Pain Reliever,  Natural Antioxidant, Natural Detoxifier
Portable Tens Electrotherapy Unit- DigitalPortable Tens Electrotherapy Unit- DigitalThis portable "T.E.N.S unit" is a pocket size, battery-operated device that sends electrical impulses to certain parts of the body to block pain signals. Digital
Posture Corrector BracePosture Corrector BracePrevent Slouching with a Custom Fit Posture Brace. Available in Many Sizes
TriSectional Hot and Cold Pack (11" x 15" ) with Strap for Neck and ShouldersTriSectional Hot and Cold Pack (11" x 15" ) with Strap for Neck and ShouldersTrisectional Hot and Cold Pack 11"x15" with strap-  Great for around neck, upper back and shoulders
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Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 * Use Discount Code: freeship

Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 * Use Discount Code: freeship

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Positioning Products are designed to help you feel more comfortable- whether laying down, sitting, or other position. Simple tools that help you keep the right posture in the neck, lower back, and midback. Whether after surgery or another procedure or simple for pain relief, positioning pillows will help you.
Category Products

Category Products

Adult Pelvic BlocksAdult Pelvic BlocksPositioning tool for a variety of treatment techniques. Features Scoot-Gard to prevent slipping. The closed cell foam construction resists absorption of moisture. Cleans easily with a damp cloth. Sold in Pairs.
Bed WedgeBed WedgeUse as a reading pillow, Under your Neck as an Incline Pillow Or Elevate the legs to take pressure off the knees and spine. Elevate the upper body or legs. CLICK THIS LINK TO ORDER & Choose Bed Wedge Size (7", 10" or 12")
Between the Knees Leg Support PillowBetween the Knees Leg Support PillowGreat for Side Sleeping. Relieves pressure on the low back, hips and knees. 
Body PillowBody PillowFull Body Support while sleeping. 
Cervical Positioning Roll 3" ElevationCervical Positioning Roll 3" ElevationPrecision-cut foam. 3" Elevation. Great for Support of the back, neck, knees and ankles
Cervical Positioning Roll 3.5" Elevation FIRMCervical Positioning Roll 3.5" Elevation FIRMPrecision-cut foam. 3.5" Elevation. FIRM. Great for Support of the back, neck, knees and ankles
Convoluted Orthopedic Bed WedgeConvoluted Orthopedic Bed WedgeEffective for head, foot and leg elevation.10"x24"x24"
Core Wraps for Positioning Hot and Cold Packs In PlaceCore Wraps for Positioning Hot and Cold Packs In PlaceEffectively Hold your hot and cold pack in place. 4 Sizes. 
Deluxe Positioning Knee WedgeDeluxe Positioning Knee WedgeRelieve pressure from sore knees. Decrease numbness and tingling. Promotes Better Circulation in the legs. 
Dutchman Roll BolsterDutchman Roll BolsterPrecision-cut foam. This Dutchman Roll Bolster is a durable aid for clinical treatment or home usage. Great for under your legs while on your back, or under your ankles while on your stomach. Available in two sizes
HS Portable HeadRest Pillow for Head & Neck SupportHS Portable HeadRest Pillow for Head & Neck SupportExcellent head and neck support for your car, work or travel.
Hugg-A-Pillow L Shaped PillowHugg-A-Pillow L Shaped PillowUnique L Shaped Pillow
Jackson RollJackson RollArc4life's most versatile, fiber-filled support pillow. Firmer ends ensure maximum comfort and proper support. Great for your neck, back or under your knees.
Knee Elevator Positioning WedgeKnee Elevator Positioning WedgeA positioning wedge that will help you get the proper sleep at night, sleepijng on your back. Very Comfortable. 
Leg SpacerLeg SpacerDesigned to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, knees and ankles. The hourglass shape fits between your legs and moves with you when you turn over. Straps are not needed. Covered with a blue cloud fabric. Available in two sizes: Standard or Petite
Orthopedic Bed WedgeOrthopedic Bed WedgeFor Foot and Leg Elevation. 2 Elevations available: Medium and Large
Posture Wedge for Seated PositionsPosture Wedge for Seated PositionsThe Posture Wedge is a great positioning wedge designed to help you improve posture while you sit- giving you the correct ergonomic position while sitting. The slight incline on this wedge aids in promotion of proper posture while performing daily tasks. A removable coccyx pad makes this cushion comfortable even for those people with tender tailbones. This posture wedge is made from precision-cut foam.
Stress Wedge for Seated PositionsStress Wedge for Seated PositionsThe Stress Wedge is a simple economical way to ease lower back pain while in the sitting position. The incline aids in restoring and maintaining correct ergonomic seating. Made of Solid Foam.
Tear Drop Positioning Pillow for Stomach SleepersTear Drop Positioning Pillow for Stomach SleepersSpecialty Pillow Designed to Transition Stomach Sleepers to Side Sleepers
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Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

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