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Back Conditions

Back Conditions

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Back Belts
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Lower Back Pain Relief and Lumbar Support
Choosing the Right Support for you can be a difficult decision.In fact there are many questions to ask to determine what support is going to be right for your needs. For instance:
  1. What do you need the Support For? Is the support for work, for play, or for everyday use? Are you getting a support for protection of a certain body area like your lower back, or are getting it because you were injured?
  • What Stage of Injury Are you In? Acute, Subacute or Chronic?
    • Acute- this is the initial stage of any injury. Your body reacts to the injury by stopping blood flow to prevent blood loss, and then quickly increases blood flow to start the healing process. In the acute phase, it is best to follow the RICE treatment protocol: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Usually the Acute phase lasts about 3 days after the injury.

      Cold therapy is important for this stage to help decrease inflammation and also provide pain relief. Compression is also important to provide stability to prevent further injury from taking place.

    • Subacute Phase- This is the 2nd stage of healing and its lasts from 72 hours to 6-8 weeks. In this stage, the inflammatory process is under control and the rehab process has started.

      In this stage, you want to provide compression to control swelling and support and stability to provide early protection and support during your activities of daily living.

    • Chronic Stage- After 6-8 weeks, most injuries should be resolved. Overuse syndromes usually resolve at this stage, because the body has not had a chance to rest and recover - full healing has not taken place.

      Products appropriate for the chronic stage of injury are often heat promoting- They constrain the body heat to increase circulation and thereby help healing. They also provide moderate to maximum stability to prevent re-injury.
  • What are you looking for in the Support that you are buying? Breathability, Compression, Flexibility and Stability are important factors to consider when choosing the right support or brace.

    • Breathability- The products ability to allow the passage of air and moisture through the fabric. A product with high breatheability will feel cooler and product with lower breathability will feel warmer when used (best for chronic injuries)

      • 1- low breathability- will feel warmer, great for chronic conditions
      • 2- medium
      • 3- high breatability- will feel cooler, great for acute conditions

    • Compression- Compression is the ability of the product to provide circumferential pressure- pressure around the injured joint and the surrounding area. This pressure helps to control swelling adn provides support giving you a feeling of joint strength.

      • 1- least compression
      • 2
      • 3
      • 4- most compression- most circumferential pressure the brace provides

    • Flexibility- The quality that allows you to move around while wearing the brace.

      • 1- least flexible
      • 2
      • 3
      • 4
      • 5- most flexible

    • Stability- quality that gives extra support to weakened structures. For example, a knee sprain can result in weakness to the ligaments that support the knee. A knee brace that has a high number for stability will enhance the weak ligaments ability to stabilize the knee.

      • 1- least support
      • 2
      • 3
      • 4- most support

  • What part of the body do you wish to provide compression and support for?
    Getting the right back belt is key. There are many different types of lower back braces, supports and belts that can help to relieve pain. Choosing the Right Support is important to get the relief and rehabilition you need. There are many different kinds of supports- for the ribs, for the stomach, for the pelvic region, for the lower back, and even for pregnancy support:

    • Rib Supports
    • Abdominal Supports
    • Lumbosacral Supports
    • Trochanter Supports
  • Industrial Supports- If you are doing a lot of heavy lifting, repetive motions or "back breaking" work- at your workplace, you need to consider a serious preventative lower back support. The wear and tear on your lower back really adds up over time. Using different fabrication and features, Arc4life's Industrial Lower Back Supports aid in decreasing the risk of injury, remind you to use proper lifting techniques, and help alleviate muscle strain and spasms while supplementing the abdominal musculature. Arc4life carries 3 Industrial Low Back supports:

    • CorFit Industrial Low Back Belt with Internal Suspenders- The CorFit Industrial Low Back Belt with Internal Suspenders is the best-designed lumbar belt system on the market for the working man or woman. This low back support belt gives you proper lumbosacral back support that aids in preventing and relieving lower back pain resulting from muscle strain and spasms.
      Click here for more information on the CorFit Industrial Low Back Belt with Internal Suspenders
    • CoreBak Industrial Lower Back Support- The CoreBak Industrial Lower Back Support provides comfort and support at an affordable price.The double side pulls and closures, provide strong support to the lumbar region for a wide range of activities and helps alleviate muscle strains, supplementing weakened or stretched abdominal muscles. Click here for more information on the CoreBack Industrial Support
    • Elastic Industrial Low Back Belt- The Elastic Industrial Low Back Support provides maximum compression to abdomen helps reduce inflammation while aiding in decreasing stress on the lower back area. The belt is composed of a high-quality elastic with dual hook-and-loop side pulls. The safety suspenders are Detachable and help maintain proper lifting posture while wearing the belt. Anti-roll stays help prevent rolling and add support. Nine-inch high back panel. Click here for more information on the Elastic Industrial Low Back Belt

  • Sacroiliac Supports- Arc4life's sacro-iliac supports are designed to provide stability, prevent dysfunction and decrease pain and stress in the pelvis and sacroiliac joints (also known as SI). The SI joints can be a key part in a lower back pain problem. This joints can become unstable, painful and inflammed. They are the most popular sacroiliac joint support because they support and protect the lower back, help the muscles loosen up and lessen the pain, minimizing any inflammation. These back belts protect the muscles and pelvis from further injury. They are placed over the outside hip area, at what is called the trochanter. An belt designed for this area can allow for proper sacroiliac joint support- as they help to compress the sacroiliac joint and support the fatigued muscles and ligaments around the SI Joint area. The sacroiliac back belt basically wraps around the hips and pelvic girdle to compress the joints and pelvis together, creating the compressive stabilization force that has been lost due to ligament injury/laxity, core weakness or abnormal joint alignment.

    Arc4life carries 3 Sacro-Iliac belts, and each has its own purpose and function.
  • Industrial Supports | Lower Back Braces | Lumbar Support

    Industrial Supports | Lower Back Braces | Lumbar Support

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    Lumbosacral Low back Support BeltLumbosacral Low back Support BeltProvides superior abdominal compression critical for lower back support. Exclusive CorEdge finish allows the belt to conform to your body without constricting or pinching, providing full compression, comfort and durability. Available in all sizes Small to 5X-Large Size.
    Elastic Industrial Low Back BeltElastic Industrial Low Back BeltThis injustrial low back belt provides maximum compression to abdomen helps reduce inflammation while aiding in decreasing stress on the lower back area.
    CoreBack Industrial Lower Back Support with SuspendersCoreBack Industrial Lower Back Support with SuspendersComfort and industrial support at an affordable price. Double side pulls and closures offer strong support to the lumbar region. Sizes SM- 2XL
    CorFit Industrial Low Back BeltCorFit Industrial Low Back BeltIndustrial Version of the CorFit Lumbosacral Belt | Available in Sizes Small- 4X
    Triple Pull Sacral BeltTriple Pull Sacral BeltThe overlapping base closure and two side pulls provide maximum SI Pressure.
    Elastic SacroIliac Back SupportElastic SacroIliac Back SupportThe Elastic Industrial Low Back Support provides temporary lower back pain relief. This SI (Sacro-Iliac) Belt is composed of all elastic, 6� (15cm) high back support. Posterior pocket has a removable sacral pad for extra support.
    CorFit SacroIliac Belt ( SI Stability Belt)CorFit SacroIliac Belt ( SI Stability Belt)For SI Joint Compression & Stability. Reduce Inflammation. Sizes Small-XXXL
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