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Back Conditions

Back Conditions

Home Massage & Trigger Point Therapy

Massage for the Body, Massage Tools, Massagers, Muscle Trigger Point Self Treatment & Vibration Therapy

Having a �knot� in your back is no fun. You know that hard to reach area on your upper back, midback or lower back that is very hard to get to. It is sore, tight and everytime you move, �ouch�- At Arc4life we offer many pain relief products when it comes to home massage tools and home massagers. Hand held massagers that vibrate to the tune of 1400 rpm to 4600 or simple hand held devices that you easily use to work on those tender trigger points in your back. Relive tension and reduce body and muscle aches easily in the comfort of your own home.

Indications for using a home massager device or vibration therapy:

  • Tender trigger points in the back
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Tight upper trapezius
  • Fibromyalgia
  • "knots" in the back
  • Hypertonicity of the thoracic and lumbar parapspinal muscles (the muscles that run alongside of your spine)
  • Tight muscles after sports, working out
  • Chronic Head Pain
  • Chronic Neck Pain

    Professional Massagers- Vibration therapy at home

    Arc4life is proud to offer the Jeanie Rub line of Home Massagers. You can use these massager for many parts of the body. Simple plug in your unit and you have an oscillation action that works to relax muscle spasms and alleviate pain. The deep penetration action safely relaxes tight muscles and stimulates circulation within the body.* Vibration Therapy has been shown to decrease the symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic head and neck pain. The Jeanie Rub brand offers different variations of their home massagers:

    * Study shows Major decrease in pain symptoms for pts with fibromyalgia and chronic head and neck pain using Vibration Therapy Courtesy: The Neck Pain Support blog

    Trigger Point Therapy Self Care at Home

    Sometimes you just want somebody to work out the tender spots in your upper back, especially after a long day in front of the computer. Arc4life offers two trigger point therapy devices:

    More Pain Relief Products Related to Massage and Trigger Point Therapy

    Using ice and heat therapy in conjunction with massage can also relieve a lot of pain. As a rule of thumb, use ice when you are treating an acute condition and use heat for a chronic condition. When using hot and cold therapy, pay attention to the area that you are concentrating on. If you are doing therapy to your neck, use a cervical pack- one that has dimensions 6�x 20� so that it fit easily around your neck. For the lower back and mid back consider using a larger hot and cold pack � one for example that is 10� x 13� dimensions. You will get more therapeutic benefit to the hurting area. One final word about using ice and heat in conjunction with massage. Some patients like to use heat before massage (especially trigger point therapy using the BackNobber II for Muscle Trigger Point Self Treatment or TheraCane home massager tool)- as this helps to relax the muscles. It can also be beneficial to use ice after to help calm down the muscles. Consult with your Dr or health professional for your specific condition.

    Another great accessory product to use for sore and tight muscles is biofreeze natural pain relief gel. This analgesic gel has ILEX, a natural pain relief ingredient. It can also be used for Pain prior to having ultrasound treatments, before massage therapy or trigger point therapy.

  • Home Massage Tools for Back Pain Relief:

    Home Massage Tools for Back Pain Relief:

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    BackNobber II for Muscle Trigger Point Self TreatmentBackNobber II for Muscle Trigger Point Self TreatmentHome Massager Tool for Trigger Points in the Upper Back, Mid Back, and Lower Back
    TheraCane Home Massager ToolTheraCane Home Massager ToolHome Massager Tool for tender trigger points and knots in your back
    Body Sport 2 Speed MassagerBody Sport 2 Speed MassagerHome Massager with two Speeds: low (2800 rpm) and high (3700 rpm)
    Jeanie Rub Massager Variable SpeedJeanie Rub Massager Variable SpeedThe Jeanie Rub has a variable speed delivers a custom massage between 1400 and 4600 rpm.  This massager has an easily adjustable rheostat switch lets you be in control.
    Deluxe Jeanie Rub Massager KitDeluxe Jeanie Rub Massager KitIncludes Variable Speek Jeanie Rub, acccessory posts, Fleece cover, and shoulder bag
    Sheepskin Pad CoverSheepskin Pad CoverAustrailian sheepskin pad cover is luxurious and genuine; The ultimate in comfort protects your massagers vinyl pad. Machine washable.
    Fleece Pad Cover for Jeanie MassagerFleece Pad Cover for Jeanie MassagerEnjoy your massage with oils or lotions while protecting you Jeanie Rub Massagers vinyl pad with this washable fleece cover.
    Formula 303 Natural Relaxant- 45 TabletsFormula 303 Natural Relaxant- 45 TabletsNatural Relief For Muscle Spasm, Tension and Stress- HomeoPathic Formula for Muscle Spasm, Neck and Back Pain.
    Basic TriSectional Hot and Cold Packs 11x15Basic TriSectional Hot and Cold Packs 11x15This is a basic trisectional hot and cold pack is for those hard to reach areas of the body like your neck, shoulders and upper back.
    Basic Hot and Cold Packs 6x10Basic Hot and Cold Packs 6x10A Basic Ice and Hot Pack measuring 6 x 10 in dimensions
    Basic Hot and Cold Packs 6 x 20Basic Hot and Cold Packs 6 x 20Basic Hot and Cold Pack Cervical Neck 6 x 20, perfect for your neck and upper back
    Basic Hot and Cold Packs 10x13Basic Hot and Cold Packs 10x13Basic hot and cold pack measuring 10"x13"- Great for larger body part like the lower back and mid back area
    Basic Hot and Cold Packs 3x5Basic Hot and Cold Packs 3x5Basic 3" x 5" ice pack and hot pack for smaller areas of the body
    Fabric Self Adhering Resusable 2"x2" ElectrodesFabric Self Adhering Resusable 2"x2" ElectrodesSelf Adhesive Electrotherapy Electrodes for home portable tens units
    Compatible with our Analog Tens Unit Electrotherapy and Digital Tens Unit Electrotherapy
    Replacement Lead Wires for tens electrotherapyReplacement Lead Wires for tens electrotherapyReplacement Lead Wires for our Digital and Tens Portable Tens Units

    Portable Tens Electrotherapy UnitPortable Tens Electrotherapy UnitThis portable "T.E.N.S unit" is a pocket size, battery-operated device that sends electrical impulses to certain parts of the body to block pain signals. Analog
    Portable Tens Electrotherapy Unit- DigitalPortable Tens Electrotherapy Unit- DigitalThis portable "T.E.N.S unit" is a pocket size, battery-operated device that sends electrical impulses to certain parts of the body to block pain signals. Digital
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