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Arc4life Specials for This Month

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Back Conditions

Back Conditions

Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief
Lower Back Rests, Lumbar Support belts, and Lumbar Traction Devices

Get the proper support in the lower back region to minimize lower back pain and stiffness.
Keeping your lower back region healthy and pain free is a must to live a happy and productive life. We often take our low back for for granted until we overdo something, injure our low back or have an episode of severe back pain.

Lower back pain can ruin a restful sleep. It can stop you from playing your next softball game, cost you valuable time with your family, and disrupt your ability to work. Lower back pain is one of the top reasons people go to the doctor. A severe injury can disrupt you family, work and personal life. Medications can cause a slew of other problems as well and usually only mask the underlying issue.
Pain and low back injuries typically come from pressure on nerves in the lower back. The proper back rests and support cushions can easily help align your spine and lower back posture taking pressure off the nerves. This can easily reduce your back pain and keep your back free from future pain and discomfort. If you have specific questions about your lower back pain, email us directly at info[@]arc4life.com. Arc4life carries effective pain relief products that have been proven to alleviate lower back pain
Lumbar Cushion for the Car

Lumbar Cushion for the Car

Low Back Rests and Lumbar Cushions
Do you have lower back pain when you are sitting for long periods of time? Arc4life offers an array of low backrests that fit snugly into an office chair such as the SitBack Rest to comfort your low back. Some have side-support wings to hug you from behind such as the Bucketseat Back Rest. If you are looking for something that is more streamlined and slim, check out the Slimback Rest, which is great for the driver's seat or at work (see video below) There's even an inflatable lumbar backrest so you can adjust your level of low back support.Your lumbar spine needs to be properly supported while you sit and sleep. This is very important if your want to improve your posture. Postural lower Back Rests such as the Comfort Core Low Back Rest support your low back spine while you are sitting. Check out Arc4life's newest lumbar cushion for the car: The Sit Back Rest PLUS- a Lumbar Cushion with a built in hot/Cold Pack.

Arc4life shows you How you can use the slim back rest while at work, or in car:

Low Back Support for Mod-Severe Low Back Pain (sciatica, herniated disc)

Low Back Support for Mod-Severe Low Back Pain (sciatica, herniated disc)

Lumbar Supports
Arc4life offers low-back supports that are specially designed to provide maximum relief for muscle strains and muscle spasms. These lower back belts provide intra-abdominal compression that bridges your spinal column to your sacrum (the bone that forms the base of your pelvis), thereby significantly reducing stress to your lower back. Check out the CorFit Belt Fitting System.

You can also read step by step instructions on How to Properly Wear a Lumbosacral Belt for Lower Back Pain Relief.

Arc 4 Life also shows you how to properly wear a lumbar support belt:
Heat Therapy for the Lower Back Spine

Heat Therapy for the Lower Back Spine

Hot and Cold Therapy for your Lower back

Relief from low back sprains/strains, tendonitis, muscle spasms, ache and pain: use our hot and cold therapies on your lower back. Arc4life also explains how to use heat or ice, and when to use heat or ice. Learn the R.I.C.E method of how to use Cold therapy for healing. Read Frequently asked questions about how to use heat and ice.
Massage Therapy for the Low Back: Helps with Soreness, muscle spasm and muscle pain in the lumbar muscles

Massage Therapy for the Low Back: Helps with Soreness, muscle spasm and muscle pain in the lumbar muscles

Massage Therapy for your Lower Back

Do you have muscle spasms or soreness in your lower back? Does your lower back feel stiff and achy? Consider a home massager designed especially for the lower back region by Jeanie Rub. Use the Jeanie Rub Massage Unit to overcome muscle tiredness from strenous activity or injury. Relax muscle spasms and relieves tension.
Low Back Stretcher: Lumbar Traction for Low Back Pain Relief

Low Back Stretcher: Lumbar Traction for Low Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Traction Products

Are you looking for a lower back stretcher? Something that will provide relaxation to the entire lumbar spine? Arc4life has a low back lumbar traction device that we recommend for lower back pain. The Lumbar Elliptical Rocker by the Posture Pump brand. This lower back stretcher has a unique rocking motion mechanism which allows you to exercise your abdominal and pelvic muscles while your lower spine is elliptically inflated. To align your lower back spine (and mid back spine) Arc4life presents the Spine Worx Spine Align. The Spine Worx is a natural back support system that utilizes your your body's own weight to apply controlled pressure to the bones of your back. As you lie on Spine Worx Posture Align, your spinal vertebrae are pressed firmly against the length of its two unique padded and contoured rails, injection-molded to fit the natural shape of the mid- and lower back.
Arc4life presents the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table: EP-950

Arc4life presents the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table: EP-950

Inversion Traction Therapy for the Lumbar Spine

Another great tool for lower back pain and leg pain (Such as the pain from sciatica) due to a disc herniation, or disc bulge is inversion therapy using an inversion table. This treatment can be easily performed in your home. The Teeter Hang-Up Inversion Table for Lower Back offered by Arc4life relieves pressure on the lumbar discs and nerve roots.

Ancillary Products for Relief of Muscle Spasm in the Lower Back

Arc4life is proud to offer to easy to use products for muscle spasms in the lower back region. Biofreeze is a natural pain relieving gel, that can be applied directly to the musculature- it works particularly with cold therapy. Also, Formula 303 is a natural homeopathic muscle relaxant for relief for muscle spasm and soreness. Finally, consider using a T.E.N.S unit for muscle spasm relief. This Portable, battery operated device sends electrical impulses to certain parts of the body to block pain signals.
Theraband Rehabilitation for the Lower Back | Stretch Lower Back | Lower Back Strengthening

Theraband Rehabilitation for the Lower Back | Stretch Lower Back | Lower Back Strengthening

Strengthen and Stretch the Lower Back with Theraband


  1. Thera-Band Tubing, 5 foot, Red, with Attached Handles
  2. Thera-Band Door Anchor
  3. Biofreeze Natural Pain Relief Spray
  4. Lower Back Rehab DVD
  5. Lower Back Active Care Guide
The Active Care Manual includes everything patients need to get started, including patient education and full-color illustrated exercises. Over 20 stretching, strengthening, stabilization, and functional exercises are included. Each exercise is also demonstrated on a mini-DVD included with the kit.
Lumbar Back  Rest Cushions & Supports for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lumbar Back Rest Cushions & Supports for Lower Back Pain Relief

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Sitback Rest Lumbar Back SupportSitback Rest Lumbar Back SupportPromotes proper posture in any chair while providing support and comfort for your lower back. 
SitBackRest with Hot and Cold Therapy PackSitBackRest with Hot and Cold Therapy PackA lower back support with the addition of ice and heat for relief of lower back pain to align the spine
Bucketseat Sitback RestBucketseat Sitback RestThis version of the popular Sitback Rest is shaped to fit snugly against bucketseats to maximize comfort and support while driving.
Slim Rest Lumbar Back SupportSlim Rest Lumbar Back SupportThe Slimrest Lumbar Support available in Blue, Black and Gray. 12"x14". Comes with Positioning Belt as well.
HiBak Lumbar RestHiBak Lumbar RestThe HiBak Lumbar Rest Support Cushion promotes Proper Posture in Your Upper and Lower Back. This Support Cushion has a contour waves for your body so that you sit comfortably.
Comfort Core Low Back RestComfort Core Low Back RestA heavy duty plastic core provides maximum support. The rigid core is layered with a breathable foam pad. Engineered to comfortably fit the contour of your spine. This low back rest includes a positioning belt.
Inflatable Low Back Rest SupportInflatable Low Back Rest SupportInflatable back support cushion maintains the proper lumbar lordosis when you sit. You can adjust the level of support with the squeeze of the hand pump. A durable air bladder encased in a breathable foam pad cover for comfort.
Jackson RollJackson RollArc4life's most versatile, fiber-filled support pillow. Firmer ends ensure maximum comfort and proper support. Great for your neck, back or under your knees.
Lumbosacral Low back Support BeltLumbosacral Low back Support BeltProvides superior abdominal compression critical for lower back support. Exclusive CorEdge finish allows the belt to conform to your body without constricting or pinching, providing full compression, comfort and durability. Available in all sizes Small to 5X-Large Size.
Mother-To-Be Lumbosacral SupportMother-To-Be Lumbosacral SupportLumbar Support for the expectant mother. Helps provide relief for strained muscles and ligaments by transferring weight of the abdomen to the spine. Helps relieve pressure on the pelvis while supporting the abdomen.
Lumbar Elliptical Rocker Posture Pump 2000Lumbar Elliptical Rocker Posture Pump 2000Get rid of low back pain with lumbar traction unit: Inflate, rock and stretch the low back into its proper curve.
Dual Comfort Pain Management  Hot and Cold Pack 6"x20" Cervical PackDual Comfort Pain Management Hot and Cold Pack 6"x20" Cervical PackHot and Cold Pack 6"x20"-  Helps provide relief from strains, sprains, tendonitis, and other injuries. Perfect for around neck and upper back.
Dual Comfort Cor Pak Hot and Cold Therapy 10" x 13"Dual Comfort Cor Pak Hot and Cold Therapy 10" x 13"This moist heat pak and cold pak is large enough to cover your back. Relief from strains, sprains, tendonitis and other injuries. Great for acute and chronic pain. 
BOO BOO Ice Pack for KidsBOO BOO Ice Pack for KidsThe Boo Boo Reusable Ice Pack- a 100% natural cooling treatment pack for kids. Perfect for new moms!
Deluxe Jeanie Rub Massager KitDeluxe Jeanie Rub Massager KitIncludes Variable Speek Jeanie Rub, acccessory posts, Fleece cover, and shoulder bag
Body Sport 2 Speed MassagerBody Sport 2 Speed MassagerHome Massager with two Speeds: low (2800 rpm) and high (3700 rpm)
Jeanie Rub Massager Variable SpeedJeanie Rub Massager Variable SpeedThe Jeanie Rub has a variable speed delivers a custom massage between 1400 and 4600 rpm.  This massager has an easily adjustable rheostat switch lets you be in control.
Formula 303 Natural Relaxant- 45 TabletsFormula 303 Natural Relaxant- 45 TabletsNatural Relief For Muscle Spasm, Tension and Stress- HomeoPathic Formula for Muscle Spasm, Neck and Back Pain.
Knee Elevator Positioning WedgeKnee Elevator Positioning WedgeA positioning wedge that will help you get the proper sleep at night, sleepijng on your back. Very Comfortable. 
Stress Wedge for Seated PositionsStress Wedge for Seated PositionsThe Stress Wedge is a simple economical way to ease lower back pain while in the sitting position. The incline aids in restoring and maintaining correct ergonomic seating. Made of Solid Foam.
Posture Wedge for Seated PositionsPosture Wedge for Seated PositionsThe Posture Wedge is a great positioning wedge designed to help you improve posture while you sit- giving you the correct ergonomic position while sitting. The slight incline on this wedge aids in promotion of proper posture while performing daily tasks. A removable coccyx pad makes this cushion comfortable even for those people with tender tailbones. This posture wedge is made from precision-cut foam.
Dutchman Roll BolsterDutchman Roll BolsterPrecision-cut foam. This Dutchman Roll Bolster is a durable aid for clinical treatment or home usage. Great for under your legs while on your back, or under your ankles while on your stomach. Available in two sizes
Bed WedgeBed WedgeUse as a reading pillow, Under your Neck as an Incline Pillow Or Elevate the legs to take pressure off the knees and spine. Elevate the upper body or legs. CLICK THIS LINK TO ORDER & Choose Bed Wedge Size (7", 10" or 12")
Basic Hot and Cold Packs 10x13Basic Hot and Cold Packs 10x13Basic hot and cold pack measuring 10"x13"- Great for larger body part like the lower back and mid back area
Fabric Self Adhering Resusable 2"x2" ElectrodesFabric Self Adhering Resusable 2"x2" ElectrodesSelf Adhesive Electrotherapy Electrodes for home portable tens units
Compatible with our Analog Tens Unit Electrotherapy and Digital Tens Unit Electrotherapy
Adult Pelvic BlocksAdult Pelvic BlocksPositioning tool for a variety of treatment techniques. Features Scoot-Gard to prevent slipping. The closed cell foam construction resists absorption of moisture. Cleans easily with a damp cloth. Sold in Pairs.
Theraband Rehab Kit for the Lower BackTheraband Rehab Kit for the Lower BackIncludes Biofreeze Natural Pain Relief Spray, Lower Back Rehabilition DVD, 5 Ft tubing with handles, A door Anchor and Lower Back Pain Relief Guide
BackNobber II for Muscle Trigger Point Self TreatmentBackNobber II for Muscle Trigger Point Self TreatmentHome Massager Tool for Trigger Points in the Upper Back, Mid Back, and Lower Back
TheraCane Home Massager ToolTheraCane Home Massager ToolHome Massager Tool for tender trigger points and knots in your back
Portable Tens Electrotherapy Unit- DigitalPortable Tens Electrotherapy Unit- DigitalThis portable "T.E.N.S unit" is a pocket size, battery-operated device that sends electrical impulses to certain parts of the body to block pain signals. Digital
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